Wonderment at Home
We've curated a quarterly publication for all ages. 

Wonderment at Home is filled with seasonal, open-ended, and simple process art ideas in addition to resources that inspire creativity at home and in your community. 

What you get in an issue of Wonderment at Home*:

• Ways to creatively connect with your child

• Tips for exploring like an artist 

• Suggestions on how to create #artfulsetups at home 

• Process art explorations

• Community artist features

• Links to some of our favorite seasonal art supplies

• WONDER - a special section for young creatives

• A book list with links to books to inspire your seasonal explorations

• Ideas for exploring art in your community

* Each quarterly issue may include, but is not limited to, the sections above.


A yearly subscription includes:

• Four seasonal publications

• A free Holiday Edition

• Access to an online Wonderment at Home community forum where we can share #artfulsetups and ideas 

Yearly $55

How does the yearly subscription work?

A yearly subscription to Wonderment at Home comes straight to your inbox and includes four seasonal issues as well as our special Holiday Edition. Each publication will arrive directly to your inbox on the following dates:

Summer | June 15

Fall | Sept 15

Holiday | Nov 15

Winter | Dec 15

Spring | March 15

Your first issue will arrive after your initial subscription date. So if you order on June 16th, our Fall issue will be the first one delivered to your inbox. You would then receive each seasonal publication, as well as our Holiday Edition, until you receive a total of 5 issues of Wonderment at Home

Or you can purchase each issue separately as they become available.


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