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Book Art

Spark curiosity and inspire critical thinking by combining process art with children's picture books.


You're our people.

By integrating process art with children's literature, you can help build children's knowledge of the world as well as boost critical thinking, comprehension, language, and communication skills - all while providing a creative outlet for children to share their thoughts, feelings, and ideas.

The books we highlight in our Wonderment Book Art series are thoughtfully chosen for their overall story, impactful themes, and high-quality illustrations. Each book is meant to spark curiosity while inspiring deep thinking, creativity, and open-ended exploration. All of our book suggestions and supplies are interchangeable depending on what you have available. We want you to be inspired but not feel limited in what you can do.


Wondering which Wonderment Book Art to choose? Feel free to reach out, and we will work with you to find the ones that best meet your needs.  

What you get with each Book Art:

• Curated art ideas/inspiration paired with a high quality children's picture book* 

• An essential question centered around the book's themes and big ideas

• Resources, links, and insight into the illustrator's style, technique, and process

• Language to use with children as you discuss the illustrations and the illustrator's creative process

• A list of supply suggestions and links to some of our favorite art supplies

• Ways to set up the creative space

• Questions to cultivate creative thinking and promote a deeper understanding of the book's theme

• Links to additional book titles that will support your journey around the theme as well as links to more books by the illustrator

• An inspirational photo gallery

*Book not included 


Try our Book Art Featuring: Aminah's World by Carole Miller Genshaft



Book Art Featuring: Frida and Her Animalitos by Monica Brown



Book Art Featuring: Mary Wears What She Wants by Keith Negley



Book Art Featuring: Green by Laura Vaccaro Seeger



Book Art Featuring: Leaf by Sandra Dieckmann



Book Art Featuring: Georgia in Hawaii by Amy Novesky



Dive deeper into a topic with our curated collections of materials and resources specifically designed for educators, art teachers, and art organizations.

For each Wonderment Journey, we gather everything we can find to help inspire, engage, and cultivate creativity. We curate a collection of the best resources for each big idea or theme based on our research, teaching experiences, and our own explorations. 

What you get with each Journey:

• A Book Art* that corresponds with your Journey

• Artist insights & process videos from 2-3 artists

• Ways to set up the creative space

• Questions centered around the big idea

• 8-10 art explorations

• Warm-up exercises

• Invitations to create

• Resources that focus on materials and processes

• An inspirational photo gallery

A list of supply suggestions and links to some of our favorite art supplies

Links to book titles that will inspire and support your Journey

* Book not included


Everything you need to help inspire & guide creativity around Perspective.


Just need a little inspiration?


Check out our Digital Goods. A collection of ideas for process art explorations and inspiration around a theme.