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  • Book Art Aminah

    explorations around Artist Biography, Community, Creativity
    Free Plan
  • Book Art Mary

    Explorations about Individuality, Identity, and Gender Roles
  • Book Art Leaf

    explorations around Community, Compassion & Acceptance
    Valid for 2 years
  • Book Art Frida

    explorations around Identity, Culture/Heritage & Creativity
    Valid for 2 years
  • Book Art Green

    explorations around Color & Nature
    Valid for 2 years
  • Book Art Georgia

    explorations around Artist Biography & Artistic Vision
    Valid for 2 years
  • Bundle

    Georgia O'Keeffe

    art explorations, book art, artist insights + more!
    Valid for 2 years
  • Journey Perspective

    curated art experiences centered around "Perspective"
    Valid for 5 years
  • Artists Book Bundle

    Georgia in Hawaii, Frida & her Animalitos, Aminah's World
    Valid for 2 years
  • Summer Issue 2020

    Curated e-pub filled with seasonal process art ideas
  • Neighborhood

    Exploring your neighborhood with artist Blythe Scott