Purchase a school-year membership which includes three Kinder Exploration boxes. These boxes will be delivered to you throughout the school year (shipped between 9/15/20 and 10/1/20, 1/15/21 and 3/15/21) at a discount and will include FREE SHIPPING.


Curated especially for kindergarteners, Kinder Explorations is a self-paced, open-ended program that focuses on strengthening fine motor skills, building art literacy, making decisions, and exploring new materials all while stimulating a sense of wonder. 


Each Kinder Exploration box is unique and contains:

  • High quality, reusable art supplies
  • A Wonderment Guide filled with developmentally appropriate process art explorations
  • A list of goals for each exploration that are aligned with the Common Core State Standards
  • An inspirational picture book
  • Additional book recommendations
  • Links to more resources and supplemental activities


School-year memberships must be purchased by 11/1/20. So don't wait! The Fall Kinder Explorations box is shipping now.

School Year Membership

  • Each of the 3 Kinder Exploration boxes is unique and comes with different supplies and explorations.

    Fall Box ships between 9/15/20 and 10/1/20.

    Additional boxes ship on 1/15/21 and 3/15/21.

    Pay one time and get FREE shipping on all 3 kits.

  • Please be sure to include the name of the giftee and their parent's email in the notes section at checkout. Have trouble? Send us an email at info@wonderment.art.

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