We are always looking for like minds who
believe in our mission.

We created Wonderment to share what we have learned about creativity, process art, and informal learning with the goal of making it easy for educators, organizations, and parents to cultivate creative thinking. Furthermore, we feel that every child should: 


• Experience learning through self-guided exploration


• Have access to high-quality art supplies 


• Be provided with resources that cultivate growth, discovery, and creative thinking 

Wholesale Pricing

We offer wholesale pricing on our Art Journey boxes. If you are interested in carrying our boxes in your retail space, contact us.

Partner Boxes

Collaborate with us to develop a custom Art Journey box that includes your company’s name and/or a theme that supports your company’s mission. Boxes created as part of a partnership can then be sold exclusively through your retail locations or online. We’ll develop the box and offer it exclusively to you at wholesale pricing. To launch a partner box, contact us.

We look forward to collaborating with you!